Lucky Dime!

Today I found a dime on the ground during recess. It was face up. It reminded me of the one time when one of my friends gave me a nickel and I decided that it would be my lucky rubbing nickel. That day was the day of the spelling bee and I rubbed it so much during the spelling bee that it was very shiny and I could direct sunlight with it. Then I brought it home and lost it. I wonder where it is. I’m going to go ponder life’s deep questions now.


5 Responses to Lucky Dime!

  1. thomas says:

    I once found two pennies face up for two days in a row.(how do you set up a blog?):)

  2. Avery Audretsch says:

    lolz. There’s always is something ot ponder in life. “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That’s what I think luck means. Look up the meaning if you don’ know already!

  3. professor says:

    how does this relate to us

  4. Mr. Criger says:

    I look forward to more interesting blog posts from you, Jake.

    Perhaps you’ve pondered life’s deep questions before while sitting on the couch; you may want to check the between the cushions for your lucky nickel.

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