The weird named founding fathers

Today in school I finished my social studies test early and I was looking at a copy of the Declaration of Independance. Some really weird names I found signed at the bottom were: Lewis Morris, Button Gwinnett, Edward Ruttedye, John Adams, and Step. Hopkins. Lewis Morris must of been really teased in childhood; Lewis Morris is hard not to say in a Japenese accent. And who names their kids after what holds your shirt together?(I’m not even going to privelege that last name in this blog.) And try to pronounce Eddy’s last name! John Adams may seem normal because he’s important, but if you think about it he has two first names. Was Mr.Hopkins proud to be a stepfather of what? Put your guesses in the comments. They had to be brave to sign it, but I would question the decision-making skills of their parents.


4 Responses to The weird named founding fathers

  1. jake2727 says:

    its ‘or what’ not ‘of what’. didn’t notice that

  2. Avery says:

    Yea might wannafix taht…

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