Greg, meet the big screen.

When I went to see The Lightning Thief Last weekend, there was a preview about a movie of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It looked good, but most likely they will butcher it. There was a funny part, though. Greg said to Rowley: “Bryce Anderson is only so popular with the girls because they think he has a cute bottom.” Then Rowley said,”How can a bottom be cute? It’s a bottom.” Then it showed a different scene at school where Bryce Anderson was passing by and Greg said,”Hey, Bryce!” Bryce gave them a weird look and kept on walking. Rowley called after him, “Cute bottom!”   That was funny, but I hope Hollywood stays on the rails of a good book next time.


7 Responses to Greg, meet the big screen.

  1. joseph58 says:

    ya i saw that preview too but they said butt in it not bottom

  2. Elizabeth Qiu says:

    wat did greg look like?

  3. Julia says:

    I like when the girl tackles Greg. P.S. I liked Manny better in the book.

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