Contest. Many will enter, one will win.

Sometimes I do not know what to blog about. So this contest is to put the most random subject in your comments and the randomist entry, yes, the randomist entry will be honored in a blog post here on The prize is whatever they put after their entry. Example:

Topic: Cheese   Prize: Cheese

I know. It’s lame. But if that person had won, I would of had a blog post about cheese and they would of been given cheese personally by me. But the prize has to be reasonable. No “Million dollars”.

Good luck.


10 Responses to Contest. Many will enter, one will win.

  1. Sean( you know which one) says:

    Really, last time I checked you ate the cheese that you were supposed give away DURING LUNCH

  2. joseph58 says:

    i have a feeling not many will enter

  3. elizaqiu says:

    what if u put car? or horse? or something big?

  4. elizaqiu says:

    Topic: erasers Prize: erasers

  5. Eliza Qiu says:

    Topic: pencils Prize: pencils

  6. Elizabeth Qiu says:

    Topic: something Prize: something 😛

  7. Colby Austin says:

    topic:belly prize:belly

  8. Ms. Ho says:

    Topic: Girl Scout Cookies
    Prize: Girl Scout Cookies

  9. chocohugger says:

    topic: Ms. Johnson
    prize: party in hope 4 that she got the job she went to the interview for…wishful thinking…

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