Creepy Nazi Guy…..

Today I was helping my dad and my sister wash my dad’s truck.  A soliciter walks up and tells my dad that he is offering exterior house painting. My dad tells him that we already have someone to paint the house named Justin Li. The guy tells my dad that his guy that he is soliciting for is cheaper and also, he is white. My dad asks him about why skin color matters. The man explodes and starts swearing and telling my dad to shut up.  Now the man gets in an aggresive posture and asks my dad if he wants to “throw down”.  My dad yells for my sister and I to get inside. We do.  Based on what my dad told me later, the man is swearing his mouth off and my dad tells him he is going to spray him with the hose and going to call the police. The man takes off running and barely dodged a spray of water from my dad. He disappeared aroung the corner yelling, “White Power!” My dad immediatly called the police. Ten minutes later the squad car pulled up in front of our house. My dad and I gave them a description of the guy. My sister, who had been crying her eyes out the whole time inside, came out. The squad car went out to search the neighborhood and came back five minutes later saying they caught him and he had a warrant out for his arrest.  He proudly admitted the threat of violence and the racist slurs and is headed to jail.  My dad is going to press charges and the court date is June 9th. A creep like that shouldn’t be allowed to sell people stuff. I wonder what made him do it? I think either he has problems in his head, takes drugs, or both. I might be a second witness at court because I am the second oldest person who saw him. Later the employer of the guy came by and apologized for letting him sell stuff.  But he fired the creep. Victory!  He’s probably sitting on a hard bench in jail as I write this post.  My sister said it was scarier than breaking her arm, and I agree.  Never a dull moment.


5 Responses to Creepy Nazi Guy…..

  1. Torrey says:

    Creepy. When did that happen?

  2. Torrey says:

    GET A NEW POST!!!!

  3. Kela says:

    WOW… that is completely scary.

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