Not exactly warm and toasty….

Yesterday morning when I got up I made the poor choice of putting on shorts and a T-shirt. My sister had a soccer game that day up in Arvada. I didn’t bring a coat. We were at the foothills of the mountains when the wind began to pick up. My bare arms were coated in goosebumps. My dad had a jacket and jeans, and even he was cold.  I was huddling for warmth under two foldable chair cases. It started to rain, and my teeth were chattering. My dad lent me his jacket, but then stole it back two minutes later. After that, I had to sprint to the car with my dad’s keys. Just in time. Rain began to blind my view and blocking the car windows. My dad couldn’t follow me to the car because he had snack. Based on what he told me later, he dumped the granola bars on the ground, grabbed my sister, and sprinted to the car. They came in soaking. Next time, I’m checking


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