Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. I woke up early to go to church, then I went to a nice all-you-can-eat  brunch at Dicken’s Tavern. The bacon was good. Anyway, I was thinking. How did Mother’s day originate? Did some random Mom just say, “I should be appreciated.” Then her neighbors joined in, then their neighbors, and then they brought it around the world when they were on vacation? Did the original Mom instantly become a worldwide phenomenom? Did I spell that right? Just something to think about.


7 Responses to Mother’s Day

  1. Julia says:

    No you didn’t spell PHENOMENON right. Also, I killed Bubbles with a whiffle bat.

  2. jake2727 says:

    Translation: I know. I’m bad at spelling. Just one M away! Cough, cough, Bubbles, cough.

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