Weird people

People do weird things. They do them with no apparent reason. They don’t think it matters what anyone thinks about them. But in some cases, it does. Yesterday at the REC center, I had a swim party. There were some six-year olds hopped up on frosting who were drinking grape soda, gurgling it, and spitting it out on the party room floor in random patterns. Not a smart choice. Five minutes later they all were mopping the floor while their parents yelled at them. Ouch. Then today, I was in swim team and a 12-year old was chewing and licking the rubber covering of the filter on the wall of the pool singing a little tune about boats. Five seconds later, there was not one person in that lane except for him. Everyone else had switched lanes. Rather a full lane then one with a singing beaver. That is not a way to act around people who  can affect your life, like a parent or teacher or boss or the guy behind the chainsaw. Some people do strange things with no reason. Not a smart move.


5 Responses to Weird people

  1. jake2727 says:

    Other things people do that is weird is NOT COMMENTING on people’s blogs!

  2. Julia says:

    You do weird things too… like making fun of people who killed a microscopic animal ON PURPOSE!!!! Also, I gave Bubbles a heart attack by looking at him.

  3. Kela says:

    yah, jake, you are weird!!!!! jk. actually no, not really.

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