Fifa South Africa 2010

Over the last few days, I have been watching the Fifa world cup. It is amazing. Some of these soccer players work magic with the ball. I watched the opening game, England versus U.S.A. It was a great game that ended one-one. The English goalie completely had the ball roll up his hands, bounce off his chest, and roll into the goal. There goes his career. Without that mistake, England would of won. The US also had another tie later, so they are staying alive. One loss and your chances of the giant win go poof, and they’re gone. I like how the Fifa mixes cultures from all around the world. Soccer really is a great game.



7 Responses to Fifa South Africa 2010

  1. jake2727 says:

    But the US failed.

  2. Kela says:

    yah well, that’s cause they focused to hard on making it out of the first round, and didn’t think about going any farther after that.

  3. Kela says:

    it’s not like they were going to win the world cup anyway.

  4. Torrey says:


  5. Sean says:

    Go Spain, thats right, I predicted the future

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