Maine Vacation

Ok, so I got back from a big month long vacation a few days ago. I had fun. My family and I stayed in Bar Harbor, an area in Maine. The local’s accent was very funny. The clerk at a hotel:  “Awe you enjoying youa stay in Baaa Haaabaaa?” Seriously. No Rs. The lady shot me a dirty look after I snorted. Also, there was one beach very close to Canada where my family was the only one on the beach. Another time we passed a Canadian kid talking French, wearing a shirt with a big American flag and German flags on the socks. He was also wearing a ninja costume. I think he was internationally confused. Then another time, my family went for a hike around huge rocks and steep cliffs and it was a tough trail to climb and took us four hours. My vacation was a great break from reality.


3 Responses to Maine Vacation

  1. Torrey says:

    my family has done NOTHING this summer. we stayed in a cabin in estes park for like a day, but other than that we have done nothin

  2. Kela says:

    my family went to illinois and then went camping in michigan. other than that, i just usually stay home and play w/ my neighbors or call friends from scool to go swimming or to the movies and that stuff.

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