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April 15, 2012

Name that movie!

No looking at the comments…..

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So long!

October 3, 2011

Its been like years since I posted last. WordPress is all futurey and confusing. Eighth grade started. Some cool teachers. The red sox failed in their quest for the postseason. I hate the Oriles. So I want to see how long it takes to get a comment. Except for Mohika, because I told her to come. It’ll probably be anothe two years.

Woo-hoo. (Sarcasm)

jake out.


October 19, 2010

When I started this blog in March early this year, I never knew it would grow this big! congratulations to chocohugger! She commented the hundredth time, saying:

From chocohugger on Excuses every student makes…. #16-18  

k these are actually pretty funny twinpeaksian                       

  Congrats to chocohugger, and thanks to everyone else who has commented. I couldn’t have done it without you. Now, chocohugger gets, as a prize, ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!*










These are pictures of )from the top) me delivering the prize, the prize, and chocohugger after she won.

*This prize is not real and consists entirely of the warm, fuzzy feeling chocohugger gets as she stares at the moneybags on the screen. Sorry, and enjoy your prize.

Excuses every student makes…. #16-18

September 28, 2010

16.  Chuck Norris happened. That’s all I’m going to say.

17. I was struck by lightning, making my homework get electrified to ashes.

18. I did my homework in a parallel dimension and it stayed there when I came back.

Excuses evey students makes… #13-15

September 28, 2010

13.  Grendel ate my homework.

14.   Beowulf ate my homework.

15.   Smokey the Bear lit it on fire. I know, he’s a pyromaniac. And a hypocrite.

Excuses every student makes… # 10-12

September 22, 2010

10. Aliens erased my memory so I forgot how to do homework. What’s my name again?

11. I developed a severe allergy of homework. I started it, but then I got hives all over my body and had to go to the hospital.

12. I died after I finished my homework, so I couldn’t bring it to you.

Excuses every student makes…. #7-9

September 11, 2010

7. I don’t feel like turning it in to the teacher.

8. Dr. Octopus pushed me into a meat grinder and I lost my right arm, which was holding my homework.

9. My house was raided by Vikings. My homework was speared on one of their horn hats, and when they sailed away, they brought it with them.